Midweek Dinner

We gather for a catered dinner every Wednesday evening in the RDC Welcome Center at 5:45pm. The cost is $8 for adults (anyone over 18 years old) and $5 for kids (ages 3-18 , children under 3 are free). Click the button below to register for dinner. Please register by Monday at noon for that week's dinner. 

Midweek Bible Study

Following dinner, we'll break into classes for Bible study. Our adults will meet in our Fellowship Hall beginning at 6:30pm, and our kids and students will meet on the second floor of the Snyder Building (same classrooms as Sunday mornings). Everyone will wrap up and dismiss at 7:30pm.  We are looking forward to God using Midweek to equip the called and to bring new families to RDC.

Midweek Adult Study

Adults of all ages and walks of life are encouraged to join our adult class. Our desire is for Midweek to be a time of community and fellowship focused on caring for one another and growing in our faith journeys. We each have an opportunity to encourage and be encouraged as our class is discussion driven. We also desire for RDC to be a praying church so we dedicate a portion of Midweek to praying for each other, our church, our city, and beyond.

Midweek Next Gen Classes

We have classes for kids of all ages. Our church and leaders have a desire for Midweek classes to be encouraging and engaging. Children and students will have fun, build relationships with peers and leaders, and seek to invest deeply in their personal faith walk with Jesus.